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North East Regional Bank - Nov 24, 2019

Vertiv Integrates with Large Regional Bank to launch Data Lake Solution on Amazon Web Services

Vertiv, a global leader in technology consulting and next-generation services for financial institutions is implementing Infrastructure on Amazon Web Services (AWS) for Data Lake Solutions. The solution allows enterprises to leverage their data by making it possible for them to generate insights that reduce time-to-market and latency as well as create new revenue models and improve operational efficiencies through near real-time reporting.

Companies are always seeking ways to create and drive business intelligence insights, and with the vast volume of information and data available, the vision of a cross-enterprise holistic approach is now a reality. The solution enables universal access to data and has the ability to perform analytics pervasively, thereby amplifying the potential to drive new insights, optimize existing initiative through machine learning tools, and identify viable business opportunities through predictive modeling.

A large regional bank has now built its Data Lake on AWS with the help of Vertiv's experienced professionals and cutting edge tools. Vertiv's team is intimately familiar with AWS native services such as Amazon Elastic Map Reduce (Amazon EMR), Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) and RDS. This initiative has helped reduce organizational complexity by transforming and correlating data from discrete sources

Krishna Ganta, CEO and Head of Americas, Vertiv said, "Our collaboration with this large regional bank allows us to fast track their data on to the AWS cloud. Vertiv with AWS latest Services, help enterprises reduce latency, improve time to market and bring in operational efficiencies."

"Our enterprise customers are looking for powerful tools built on AWS that help them increase the business value they can generate from their vast amounts of data".

SVP of Data and Analytics platform Leader of Large Regional Bank, said "Vertiv is engaged at (our bank) as a consulting partner who can advise, design, implement, and manage our AWS infrastructure, on an ongoing basis. Vertiv has some of the finest industry professional who could quickly develop solutions with tools on AWS and deploy them quickly. The speed of projects delivery on AWS has increased many folds and Vertiv has been an excellent partner helping"

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